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This website contains multigenre, immersive educational experiences to engage with digitial history and the humanities. It offers interactive approaches to primary source documents that enable users to explore, analyze, and engage with the material.…

This website is an archive of digital history sources and resources. Filtering by either era, region, or topic brings the user to a dedicated portal which includes an interactive timelime, biographic information, articles, videos, visual resources,…

Historypin is an archive that uses a collaborative approach to create stronger ties with local history. Users—either individuals or institutions —upload records and denote the location of the object by pinning it using Google Maps. These records…

Fishman's book offers a guide on how to register a work with the copyright office, what works can be copyrighted, and how to avoid copyright infringement, along with other important information.

Getting Permission offers a simple look into the copyright permission process, as well as going over content that is in the public domain and the "fair use" law, in addition to other intricacies related to the process of obtaining permission from…

A guide to the emerging field of digital asset management, featuring quotes from industry experts, job descriptions, and case studies.

A how to guide on how to collect photos, physical or digital, into an online archive that will allow the consumer to preserve and maintain their beloved photos.

Digital Archives looks over the rapid technological changes and the push to digitize people's cultural heritages are changing the landscape of archives. The book also features contributions that offer state of the art solutions in building and…

Weller takes a look into the current history of the digital age in a way that it is palpable to both the traditional historian and the modern historian. The book takes a look into how the transition from traditional archives to digital archives is…

Ross Harvey's latest guide takes readers through the step by step process of creating their own digital archive. The book contains online resources, tutorials, and references that hep the reader learn the latest techniques in creating a digital…
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