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This e-publication covers how to work with different file formats, seeking resources, and working with metadata.

Close readings of literary texts afford the student opportunities for isolating and analyzing elements of text, thereby revealing cultural and stylistic influences of author, printer, and society. Digitization of print facilitates close reading by…

Erika Farr, digital archives coordinator for Emory University’s MARBL (Manuscripts and Rare Books Library), interviewed Salman Rushdie, noted author and Emory University’s Distinguished Professor, in a compelling, lengthy discussion regarding…

The documents and files created and stored in composer Jonathan Larson’s computer were donated to the Music Division of the Library of Congress upon Jonathan’s death. Doug Reside, digital curator for the New York Public Library of the Performing…

This book provides a comprehensive manual that covers key areas of archiving. Its audience is that of the novice and student archivist. In addition to it textbook format, the material in the book examines the role of the archival profession in the…
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