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The Queensland State Archive’s “Digital Archiving Discussion Paper: Informing an Approach to the Long Term Management and Preservation of Digital Government Records” was created to broaden public awareness of the digital content management…

This article takes a look at the difficulties presented to researchers due to the newspaper digitization. These difficulties are mainly due to the fact that the pictures and formatting of the newspapers have been removed to allow the proper…

While this video does advertise the use of Toshiba products, it does give a brief explanation of OCR and what the process that it entails. It also highlights the benefits of using this process, in conjunction with the Toshiba software, including…

This video mainly talks about the different types of patents used in the American legal system. It also talks about the Trademarks and Copyrights, and the varies reasons they exist.

Early recorded sound represents an invaluable slice of our global heritage, but the information stored on old recordings is constantly degraded through wear and other damage. To restore and preserve that vital content, physicists and archivists are…

This essay discusses challenges and approaches to scientists archiving, documenting, and sharing their own data.

This e-publication covers how to work with different file formats, seeking resources, and working with metadata.

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Drawing on the author's experience of managing the National Archives' web archiving programme together with lessons learned from other international initiatives, this book offers a comprehensive overview of current best practice, together with…

Cunningham avers that digital archiving, digital curation, digital libraries, and digital museums are distinctly different functions despite the common conflation of the terms by the public. In this article, he argues that digital archiving should…

Preservation of digital data requires anticipation of potential threats to the integrity and authenticity of the items. Although future environmental and intelligence threats may be impossible to predict and thus, prepare for, Henry M. Gladney…
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