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In his foundational new media text, Nelson describes literature itself as a series of interconnecting documents, and suggests that society needs a universal system for storing and preserving texts. Though he writes in the early 1980s, Nelson's…

This paper illuminates the multiple challenges of archiving naively digital academic content and emphasizes digital preservation is more difficult than print. Digital native content has dramatically increased with transition of academic journals and…

This centers on the archiving and retrieval of digital material is an excellent resource for anyone who is responsible for preserving their personal and collective stories. It emphasizes the importance of capturing and preserving our stories and the…

This article focuses on the challenges institutions such as the New York Archive Museum (NYAM) face when dealing with born-digital institutional archives. The findings are presented through a case study of NYAM using three data sources: analysis of…

This article details the processes, protocols, and results used when several European audio archives were transferred to a Digital platform. It also takes the stance for re-recording digital files to retain the information that could be lost using…

Lasers scan buildings and landmarks to create digital records in three dimensions

The importance of personal digital preservation and the problems involved in preservation.

A primary preservation goal is to house all records appropriately based on their size, format, and composition. Housing
enclosures provide physical support and protection as well as a buffer against adverse or fluctuating environmental

The contractor shall copy a collection of original nitrate and acetate film negatives from the collection of the contracting institution; approximately to negatives ranging in size from 35mm frames to 8”x10”. The total number of images to be…

Naomi Korn, IP Consultant talks about the practical issues associated with rights clearances and the licensing around the creation and curation of digital content.
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