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The Research Data Access & Preservation Summit is an annual conference hosted by the Association for Information Science and Technology. The past events page provides links to programs, and conference presentation slides from 2011-2013, and 2015…

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In a lecture at e.g. 2007 librarian Brewster Kahle introduced his radical idea to create a free, open access digital library with the aim of “bring[ing] all of the works of knowledge to as many people as want to read it.” He uses the…

Architecture firms have used computers as an integral part of the design process for the past thirty to forty years, but born-digital architectural records are only now being donated to repositories for preservation. This article reviews the…

A primary preservation goal is to house all records appropriately based on their size, format, and composition. Housing
enclosures provide physical support and protection as well as a buffer against adverse or fluctuating environmental

The NARA Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access define approaches for creating digital surrogates for facilitating access and reproduction; they are not considered appropriate for preservation reformatting to…

THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION (NARA) completed construction of a new facility, the
National Archives at College Park, in 1993. Informally known as Archives II, it is the largest and most technically advanced archives building in…

Covers pivotal Mexican history as documented in photographs uploaded to a digital medium.

Doris Hamburg, Director of Preservation Programs, takes viewers to the state of the art digital processing lab at the National Archives at College Park. Inside the lab, Jennifer Seitz, Digital Imaging Specialist, and Norris White, Digital Imaging…

ADHO supports digital research and teaching across all subjects, and is a community based advisory committee.

"The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) is a diverse coalition of organizations created to assure leadership from the cultural community in the evolution of the digital environment." "NINCH pursues its mission by: educating…
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