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Digital Archive converts paper, microfiche and film to a digital format. We use state of the art hardware and software in our document scanning process.

Higher-Education gets a make-over.

ADHO supports digital research and teaching across all subjects, and is a community based advisory committee.

In this digital landscape, the archival-oriented media theories of Wolfgang Ernst are particularly relevant. Digital Memory and the Archive, the first English-language collection of the German media theorist’s work, brings together essays that…

THE leader in the field for more than twenty years, this introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for digital image processing continues its cutting-edge focus on contemporary developments in all mainstream areas of image processing.…

Haskins examines the effects of the Internet on the memory work of archives and the informal, vernacular style of the broad public. Examples of the vernacular style of memory work include the spontaneous display of mementos at memorials or sites of…

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The study of digital humanities is in transition as it adapts its origins in computation and textual analysis to the media-specific analysis and cultural conventions of emerging digital technologies. In this text, Matthew Gold gathers the varying…

Close readings of literary texts afford the student opportunities for isolating and analyzing elements of text, thereby revealing cultural and stylistic influences of author, printer, and society. Digitization of print facilitates close reading by…

Video testimonies of Holocaust survivor stories are, in themselves, an archival medium. The conventions of shooting and distributing video convey an immediacy and an absence of cinematic artifice that reveal rather than obscure the unconscious and…

The EVIA Digital Archive Project is a collection of digitized, unedited videos representing ethnographic research and corresponding scholarly documentation. EVIA’s video content poses challenges similar to those of other digital archives including…
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