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Russotti and Anderson give a good basic outline of Digital Asset Management. In contrast, or perhaps complimentary to Peter Krogh's The DAM Book, the authors bridge the gap between novice digital photographers and more advanced practitioners. Most of…

Since its first-edition printing in 2003, The DAM Book has become one of the standard references for photographers trying to build and protect their digital archives. In this revised edition, Krogh takes a holistic approach, outlining what he refers…

This article juxtaposes the database and the archive, creating the idea of database as its own genre. Folsom, one of the editors of The Whitman Archive, begins discusses how photography for Walt Whitman was a form of database and how the archive is…

This website is a brief primer on digital photos will deal with the world of digital photography and digital photos. It will answer some of the basic questions about digital photography such as What exactly is a digital photo, "What is DPI", and "How…

The contractor shall copy a collection of original nitrate and acetate film negatives from the collection of the contracting institution; approximately to negatives ranging in size from 35mm frames to 8”x10”. The total number of images to be…

Integrates and explains the role of writing, film, and photography in the digital world.

Covers pivotal Mexican history as documented in photographs uploaded to a digital medium.

Practice of digital media and preserving photographs and history.

Digital photography has recently become one of society's important means of recording. For this reason it has also become a potential archival record of great significance. However, as of yet, few born-digital (defined in opposition to "made digital"…

This Youtube video provides education and standards on the functions and uses of preserving photographs through digital means. The Library of Congress offers not only how this can be done, but benefits to having this information under one's belt. The…
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