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Keeping the Culture: Archiving and the 21st Century


Keeping the Culture: Archiving and the 21st Century


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The issue pertaining to archiving in a digital age is the mass amount of information that cannot all be archived. Therefore the question of what is to be recorded is necessary, for preserving all information would not be ideal in terms of curating a cultural conception for future historical research.
Also posing a problem is our society's tendency to rely on selected decisions over our own assertions due to our multicultural and pluralistic ways. However it has become apparent that with the increase in the input of data, we need to become selective in terms of deciding what should and should not be in our cultural archives rather than recording all aspects of society.
Also covered as of high importance is the need to migrate data from one medium to another, such as literature to technology, or copying computer files into a compatible software. The issue arises that many technologies of the past require a specific form of playback function, such as VCR tapes or cassettes, creating the need for the previously needed migration of formats.
The main contributor to the mass collection of information needed to be sifted through in a selection process is the growth of commercial activity. Companies will need to evolve into a more preservation-aware consciousness and the relationships between these companies and technological institutions will increase with this need.


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