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Metadata for Digital Collections (How-to-Do-It Manual)


Metadata for Digital Collections (How-to-Do-It Manual)




With all the numbers of libraries, archives and museums creating digitized resources and online collections, it becomes harder and harder for those charged with organizing all of this data to keep everything in order and set by certain standards. This resource helps give those people a guide on good metadata design and creation practices. It helps readers by giving them a practical, hands-on volume with which to acquire the knowledge and skills needed; be the application be in a classroom or for a profession.
The book introduces systems such as CONTENTdm and rather than giving a general overview of metadata schemes, the author specifically covers three of these schemes; Dublin Core, MODS and VRA. Miller gives practical guidance on applying each of the Dublin Core elements, clarifying the terms that might lead to confusion as well as show practical examples that show common application issues and challenges in regards to general digital resource description.

In addition to this, the text offers a step-by-step guide on how to design and document a metadata scheme for local institutional needs and for more specific projects. It also gives an introduction to broader metadata topics such as XML encoding, mapping between different schemes, metadata interoperability and record sharing, OAI harvesting and the growing environment of Linked Data and the Semantic Web; explaining the use of these topics as well as uses for students and professionals alike.


Miller, Steven J.


Neal-Schuman Publishers


2011 May 31


Donahue, Marisa




ISBN-13: 978-1555707460

Bibliographic Citation

Miller, Steven J. Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-to-do-it Manual. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2011.


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