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ADHO supports digital research and teaching across all subjects, and is a community based advisory committee.

Digital Archive converts paper, microfiche and film to a digital format. We use state of the art hardware and software in our document scanning process.

"Stanford scholars are harnessing the power of new technologies through an array of digital humanities endeavors. Current digital humanities projects are using tools like 3-D mapping, electronic literary analysis, digitization, and advanced…

This article discusses the fact that prior to the digital revolution, only scholars could study primary sources. K-12 students and teachers were relegated to the little they could get to locally because they did not have the money needed to…

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This second edition of Jay David Bolter's classic text expands on the objectives of the original volume, illustrating the relationship of print to new media and examining how hypertext and other forms of electronic writing refashion or "remediate"…

This anthology offers a comprehensive overview of theoretical approaches to cultural heritage institutions and digital media. Featuring authors from a broad variety of disciplinary fields, it aims at an international, cross-disciplinary audience of…

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This book tries to refocus the true purpose of social media and how it can be used to help further students’ education. The greatest issues educators face with social media is not privacy concerns rather motivating the students to participate in…

Higher-Education gets a make-over.

Close readings of literary texts afford the student opportunities for isolating and analyzing elements of text, thereby revealing cultural and stylistic influences of author, printer, and society. Digitization of print facilitates close reading by…
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