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Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture


Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture


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Spreadable media is basically getting across the needed message from one person to another through the mouth or in this case through social media. If you break up the term, then spreadable means to describe these increasingly pervasive forms of media circulation and this has a parallel and contrast relation with the term stickiness that means attracting the audience’s attention and engagement. In regards, stickiness can prevent spreadable media because of the restriction people place for audience’s social connections such as charging a subscription fee and government censorship. In reality, spreadability emphasizes producing content in easy-to-share formats such as YouTube while stickiness makes spreading information forced where users cannot leave once on the site when the site disabled the Back button.

In the book, the authors provide examples of Susan Boyle and the show Mad Men, which proves that spreadable media refers not just those texts which circulate broadly but also those that achieve particularly deep engagement within a niche community. The show Mad Men exemplifies the meaning of spreadable media through the medium of television. In addition, the Voice in the UK could have had more participatory engagement if it was not restricted within the UK boundaries. The show became recognized globally in regards to Susan Boyle, a participant, and winner of the Voice. But the show was not recognized in itself because it was not aired outside of the UK so the spreadability was not as popular as it could have been.


Jenkins, Henry


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