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Case of the Puzzling Personal Digital Archive


“Case of the Puzzling Personal Digital Archive” by writers Wendy Hagenmaier, Oscar Gittemeier and Michelle Kirk is a presentation hosted by NYU’s…

The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues In Archiving And Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials


“The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials” by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and…

The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective


“The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective: An international Perspective. Conference Proceedings is defined as a “collective of…

Digital Archiving Resources is drawing attention to the emerging field of digital archiving. Its purpose is to gather items relating to digital archives in an effort to provide access to resource materials in archiving and bring awareness to the emerging field. By researching and categorizing the items chosen for the Archive, we aim to guide the study of digital archives, as well as offer some possibilities for how it can be represented. The Archive is guided by pragmatic principles in its attempt to achieve two goals 1) to collect and provide effective and informative resources in the vast array of material on archives, and 2) to provide access to a wide range of related materials that shed light on the field of archiving.

As a definition, archives can be broadly described as a place to access materials (records, recordings, objects, photographs, etc.) that are recorded and preserved. These materials may be created and/or received by individuals or organizations who believe they warrant preservation because they have value; they provide evidence and information about the individuals and environments from which they came. In addition to the physical, archives are a place where a complex process of remembering occurs that creates and recreates social knowledge. Archives have always provided the person who accesses them with a road to the past, but now they also can offer a map for the future.

Digital Archiving Resources aims to not only make resources for archiving available and accessible, but to create a unique educational foundation that brings more relevance to the growing field of digital humanities. This project offers long-term benefits in the area of education because it introduces society to this field of study, its methodologies and practices, and to the benefits the field will provide in the future. In this way, our aim is to create social knowledge about digital archives. Our mission is to provide access to the resources important to the study of digital archives, and our vision is to continue adding to our collection as the field grows and changes.